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Our Services

General HR Coaching

Our goal is to be able to share our passion for Human Resources with college students who has decided to enter the Human Resources field. By imparting real knowledge and understand how important it is to become a human resource professional for a company.  You must become the human resource professional to all employees, by still maintaining company policies, procedures,  employee relations, recruiting, and keeping the company out of legal troubles. 

Community Outreach

We want to partner with local schools, boys and girls club, and non -profit organizations to impart knowledge to students ages 15-25 the importance of Human Resources 101, which will consist of proper interviewing skills, how to dress for success, and provide a professional look to their resume. 

Re-Entry Outreach

We want the opportunity to help those who have been incarcerated and entering back into society by providing them with the proper tools they need to become successful individuals within their community.  By offering services in the areas of resume building, one -on- one interviewing techniques, and dressing for success. We will also make sure they understand how to open a checking account, which will allow them the opportunity to sign up for a direct deposit and have a saving account. 


We Are Ready To Change Your Outlook on Life  

And Help Achieve Your Expected Success

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